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Vote BNP This Government has turned its back on its own people - Fri, 27/11/2015 Radical new approach announced at ‘best ever’ BNP Conference - Thu, 26/11/2015 How All Property Booms Are Theft (Especially when they occur in London) - Thu, 26/11/2015 NWRO Paul Ainscough pays his respects to the Paris victims - Thu, 26/11/2015 BNP join Basildon homeless protest - Wed, 25/11/2015 Fundraising of ISIS via British based Mosques? - Wed, 25/11/2015 Malnutrition - Welcome to Tory Britain - Wed, 25/11/2015 Muslim youth terrorise French train passengers - six arrests made - Tue, 24/11/2015 Tragedy of a Barnsley activist - Tue, 24/11/2015 Jihad in Paris: The One Critical Lesson the West Must Learn - Tue, 24/11/2015 2015 Conference - Interview with the Chairman - Mon, 23/11/2015 Anti mass immigration leaflet - Mon, 23/11/2015 Getting the Message Out There - Mon, 23/11/2015 BNP Policies - Housing - Sun, 22/11/2015 BNP Policies - Trade - Sun, 22/11/2015 BNP Policies - Animal Welfare - Sun, 22/11/2015 BNP Policies - Education - Sat, 21/11/2015 BNP Policies - Business - Sat, 21/11/2015 BNP Policies - Defence - Sat, 21/11/2015 Dirty tricks to rig the referendum in favour of remaining in the EU - Fri, 20/11/2015 Press release: BNP Conference Chairman's address - Fri, 20/11/2015 20 per cent of asylum seekers pouring into Europe likely have ties to ISIS - Fri, 20/11/2015 First pictures of London BNP’s Mobile Billboard - Thu, 19/11/2015 Corbyn puts Red Ken Livingstone to work on Labour's nuclear weapons policy - Thu, 19/11/2015 Half of Britons now oppose taking Syrian refugees after Paris atrocities - Thu, 19/11/2015 The European Union's Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan - Part 2 - Wed, 18/11/2015 ISIS attacks are “Nothing to do with Islam” - No, Peace has “Nothing to do with Islam” - Wed, 18/11/2015 Let’s build our BNP powerhouse - Wed, 18/11/2015 NWRO visits Central Office and Surprises Staff! - Tue, 17/11/2015 Situation in Calais close to boiling point as 100 new arrivals to the Jungle appear each day - Tue, 17/11/2015 Angel of Poverty, I'm going to resign - well maybe not - Tue, 17/11/2015 London BNP pay respects to victims of French massacre - Mon, 16/11/2015 Peter Hitchens on Race and Culture - Mon, 16/11/2015 Barnsley Demo Update - Mon, 16/11/2015 Children to be fed Halal meat, Angry Parents complain to school - Sun, 15/11/2015 Anti mass immigration leaflet - Sun, 15/11/2015 The Paris Terrorist Attacks - Sat, 14/11/2015 Bexley BNP branch meeting remembers Ellen Whittle - Sat, 14/11/2015 African leaders now blackmailing Europe - Fri, 13/11/2015 EU Accountants for the 21st year in a row cannot sign off EU accounts! - Fri, 13/11/2015 Barnsley Demonstration 12th December - Thu, 12/11/2015 BNP Annual Conference 2015 - Full - Thu, 12/11/2015 Let’s build our BNP powerhouse - Thu, 12/11/2015 5 Big Lies About Immigration You Need To Know About - Thu, 12/11/2015 At 11am on the 11th Day of the 11th Month, Remember Those Who Died for Britain - And Why They Sacrificed - Wed, 11/11/2015 Anti mass immigration leaflet - Wed, 11/11/2015 David Cameron expects the EU to change to keep Britain in - Tue, 10/11/2015 Dagenham Mosque Opposition-Poor weather but a good effort by London BNP - Tue, 10/11/2015 We're campaigning on the issues that matter - Mon, 09/11/2015 Armed services wage cuts for those not made redundant - Mon, 09/11/2015 Remembrance Sunday 2015 - Sun, 08/11/2015 Let’s build our BNP powerhouse - Sun, 08/11/2015 Obese and forgetful criminal gets a slap on the wrist after stealing £50,000 - Sat, 07/11/2015 Anti mass immigration leaflet - Sat, 07/11/2015 Another war memorial targeted by vandals? - Fri, 06/11/2015 Beautiful Scottish Island of Bute to take up to 100 asylum seekers? - Fri, 06/11/2015 One in ten social housing units is given to immigrants - Thu, 05/11/2015 European politics heading straight to the Patriotic right movements - Thu, 05/11/2015 Anti mass immigration leaflet - Thu, 05/11/2015 Obama regime deliberately interfering in EU referendum? - Wed, 04/11/2015 Michael O'Leary - “Staying in reformed EU will make Britain better off” . .  . - Wed, 04/11/2015 Anti mass immigration leaflet - Wed, 04/11/2015 Royal Mail launching Christmas Stamps - Tue, 03/11/2015 BNP pressure helps save Remembrance Service in Barnsley - Tue, 03/11/2015 Less Than a Month To Go - BNP Annual Conference 2015 - Book Now - Tue, 03/11/2015 Press release: Cameron tightens squeeze on Britain's poorest - Mon, 02/11/2015 Sunday service for war dead in Barnsley cancelled - Mon, 02/11/2015 London BNP oppose Mosque plan for Dagenham - Mon, 02/11/2015 David Cameron's selective memory on Norway's relationship with the EU - Sun, 01/11/2015 Who Takes In the Most Refugees? Let the Bidding War Begin! - Sun, 01/11/2015 Keeping our traditions alive . . . Halloween - Sat, 31/10/2015 Saudi money demolishing churches and building Mosques in Europe - Sat, 31/10/2015 100% audit pass for BNP accounts - Fri, 30/10/2015 How Banks Create and Destroy Money via the Loan and Repayment Process - Fri, 30/10/2015 London BNP Join Sgt Blackman Rally - Thu, 29/10/2015 Ex-Aussie PM: Send them back to save Europe - Thu, 29/10/2015 We are supposed to live in a democracy - it is time the people enforce it - Thu, 29/10/2015 Official Dutch delegation attacked and robbed whilst investigating Islamic radicalisation in France - Wed, 28/10/2015 Yet More Local Publicity in Worcester Newspaper - Wed, 28/10/2015 The UK has now become one of the most authoritarian states on Earth - Wed, 28/10/2015 Mass Muslim immigration, political correctness and multiculturalism will rip Europe apart - Tue, 27/10/2015 IDENTITY - Everyone Loves It - Subscribe Today - Tue, 27/10/2015 Mr Putin upsetting the Saudis as well as kicking ISIS backsides - Mon, 26/10/2015 London Mayoral Candidate Announced by London BNP - Mon, 26/10/2015 Less Than a Month To Go - BNP Annual Conference 2015 - Book Now - Mon, 26/10/2015 A new society, created artificially by distant political elites, separated from tradition, custom and law - Sun, 25/10/2015 How Immigration Insanity Is Destroying The Family Unit - Sun, 25/10/2015 BNP watch Boston crash - Sun, 25/10/2015 The unelected EU Elite want chaos - Sat, 24/10/2015 Yet another Celebrity who thinks we should take more asylum seekers? - Sat, 24/10/2015 It is absolutely mind boggling when people make “politically correct” decisions without thinking - Fri, 23/10/2015 A Clear Outlook for Cleethorpes BNP - Fri, 23/10/2015 The fact that a head of state called upon citizens not to attend a legal demonstration says a lot - Fri, 23/10/2015 Proof that anti-white racism has gone mainstream - Fri, 23/10/2015 We are living in a Nazi EU state where any that dissent the leftist code of political correctness are imprisoned - Fri, 23/10/2015 Merkel is finding that negotiating with some ideologies can only mean surrender - Thu, 22/10/2015 Tories to start removing the poor from electoral rolls and the right to vote? - Thu, 22/10/2015 The far-left and Cameron have been trying to get Turkey admitted to the EU for years - Thu, 22/10/2015 Cyprus is now the New Calais - Thu, 22/10/2015 IDENTITY - Everyone Loves It - Subscribe Today - Thu, 22/10/2015 We’re heading straight into the next recession and he is completely out of ammunition - Thu, 22/10/2015 The pro-EU campaign is going to get dirty - Wed, 21/10/2015 Sheila Spink appointed Stockport and South Manchester Local Organiser - Wed, 21/10/2015 Its ultimate goal will be to shut down the freedom of speech and expression of the indigenous population - Wed, 21/10/2015 Book Now - BNP Annual Conference 2015 - November 21st to 22nd - Wed, 21/10/2015 Proof that Merkel is nothing more than an EU puppet - Wed, 21/10/2015


Paris Attacks Paris Double Siege Ends in Death of Suspects, New ‘Anti-Semitic’ and ‘Al-Awlaki’ Narratives Emerge The Attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the ‘Kosher Grocery Store’: Israel’s Mossad ‘to the Rescue’?

Paris - Problem Reaction Solution NHS NBM DNR cost cutting policy


The Jewish Hate Campaign and War Against Christmas!
Thu, 18/12/2014
Stop the Putin Worship! He’s a Former KGB Thug Working for the Bankers
Sun, 11/10/2015
Post-Western Destruction: China The Next Jewish Superpower
Thu, 22/10/2015


Right on cue, a full narrative was ready for mass consumption. Cui bono, (who benefits) then, with killing Charlie? This is a pro job that happens to take place just a few days after France recognizes Palestinian statehood and just a few days after General Hollande demanded the lifting of sanctions against the Russian “threat”. . . . So this in the heart of Europe is what blowback feels like ... it is what people feel when a wedding party is incinerated by a Hellfire missile. The oh so sophisticated Western intel network had not seen blowback coming and was impotent to prevent it? The Masters of the Universe who pull the real levers of the Empire of Chaos will exploit the post-Charlie environment, be it blowback or false flag.

By Way of Deception Thou Shall Do War - False Flag Warning System Global Threat Level RED - 'ANYONE ELSE THINK THIS HORROR IS JUST TOO CONVENIENT WHEN THE WEST WANTS A WAR WITH RUSSIA?'

David Cameron’s article in The Sunday Times, presenting unfounded allegations against Russia, marks a major escalation in the Ukraine crisis, seeking to pull the EU into a war against Russia – Open letter to Cameron

BBC FABRICATION of Syria atrocity ▶ HANDS OFF SYRIA! The BBC Staged Chemical Weapons Attack

'The war criminals in Washington and other Western capitals are determined to maintain their lie that the Syrian government used chemical weapons'

The war criminals in Washington seek to target the Syrian government

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Would Islamic countries allow Christian heritage centres and churches in their lands?
Sun, 09/02/2014
Is middle-class Britain waking up?
Mon, 06/01/2014

LibLabCon - Britain is an immigrant haven thanks to EU membership and LibLabCon’s open borders. A British National Party government would remove the UK from the EU and seal our borders to immigrants from Europe and from the rest of the world.
UKIP - A party whose existence is encouraged by the Establishment. UKIP is not a radical, patriotic alternative to the old parties. It is a BBC sponsored safety valve, a front for big business and the vested interests of City banking sharks.
EDL - The chain of command is there for all to see. The worst corporate war-mongers on the planet fund Frank Gaffney, who pays the ultra-Zionist terrorist sympathisers who operate their EDL and BFP puppets.
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