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Vote BNP BNP Policies - Foreign Aid - Sat, 25/04/2015 BNP Policies - Public Services - Fri, 24/04/2015 If only Australia's PM was the British PM when dealing with the Islamic invasion - Fri, 24/04/2015 Prescott & Labour Attack BNP - Thu, 23/04/2015 Cllr Cathy Duffy Tells Newspaper “It’s NEVER too late to save your country” - Thu, 23/04/2015 Happy St George’s Day - Thu, 23/04/2015 BNP flying the flag in Hornchurch - Wed, 22/04/2015 Foreign Aid - Is it all bad? - Wed, 22/04/2015 Unconsciousness of the Lambs - Wed, 22/04/2015 Pensioner of 82 mugged by 'Asian' Muslim gang? - Is anyone safe? - Wed, 22/04/2015 Fascism rears its ugly head in Kingswood, Bristol - Tue, 21/04/2015 ‘Thanks for great effort’ says Paul - Tue, 21/04/2015 BNP Policies - Education - Tue, 21/04/2015 Earth Day Founder Had Strong Immigration Message - Mon, 20/04/2015 EU now demands yet more British money toward another Billion bailout - Mon, 20/04/2015 BNP flying the flag in Hornchurch - Mon, 20/04/2015 It's Everybody Else but Them - Mon, 20/04/2015 BNP Chairman will save the British tax payer £13 billion a year! - Sun, 19/04/2015 BNP - The ONLY Party that will Protect Our Children - Sun, 19/04/2015 Swedish Patriots Under Attack - Sun, 19/04/2015 BNP flying the flag in Hornchurch - Sun, 19/04/2015 BNP Policies - Heritage and Culture - Sun, 19/04/2015 Buy your St George's Day cards today - Sat, 18/04/2015 Bristol Day of Action - Sat, 18/04/2015 Mr. Postman can't save Prescott! - Sat, 18/04/2015 1,000 British soldiers sought psychiatric treatment after being given Lariam - Fri, 17/04/2015 BBC Radio Lincs Say No To BNP - Fri, 17/04/2015 On the campaign trail with our candidate Julie Lake - Fri, 17/04/2015 Yet Another Labour Cover Up - Fri, 17/04/2015 Mass Immigration = Concrete = Hungry Britain - Fri, 17/04/2015 BNP Chairman on National Tour - Thu, 16/04/2015 More Roma enrichment? - Thu, 16/04/2015 Let's save £13Billion a year - Thu, 16/04/2015 Racist when whites do it - politically correct when blacks do it - Thu, 16/04/2015 Lincolnshire Election Leaflet Released - Thu, 16/04/2015 The Islamification of Britain continues - Thu, 16/04/2015 Political Bias in Kingswood School, Bristol - Thu, 16/04/2015 Cameron's dream of EU renegotiation is dead until at least 2019 - Wed, 15/04/2015 BNP Campaigning in Bexley - Wed, 15/04/2015 Theresa May - Yet another election promise that will never be met - Wed, 15/04/2015 A call for candidates! - Tue, 14/04/2015 BNP Chairman will save the British tax payer £13 billion a year! - Tue, 14/04/2015 Sweden apologising to the Islamic world? - Tue, 14/04/2015 A Message to Candidates - Mon, 13/04/2015 UKIP Scared of Truth in Skegness - Mon, 13/04/2015 This Sham of an Election - Mon, 13/04/2015 How to handle insults on social media - Sun, 12/04/2015 BNP Chairman to stand in Rotherham Parliamentary election - Sun, 12/04/2015 BNP Tell the Truth in Skegness - Sun, 12/04/2015 BNP Chairman starts election campaign in Rotherham - Sun, 12/04/2015 Why we should not be worried about leaving the EU - Sat, 11/04/2015 BNP Chairman Adam Walker on the streets of Rotherham - Sat, 11/04/2015 BNP Chairman to stand in Rotherham Parliamentary election - Sat, 11/04/2015 Mosque after Mosque being approved in Britain - Sat, 11/04/2015 Buy your St George's Day cards today - Sat, 11/04/2015 BNP Chairman to stand in Rotherham Parliamentary election - Fri, 10/04/2015 Heybridge 2 Councillors Fighting 5 Elections - Fri, 10/04/2015 BNP DAY OF ACTION - ROTHERHAM - TOMORROW - Fri, 10/04/2015 Build, Build, Build - More Immigrants are Coming - Fri, 10/04/2015 London BNP Announce Dagenham & Rainham Candidate - Thu, 09/04/2015 Christians to the slaughter - by the Islamic killing machine - Thu, 09/04/2015 Heybridge BNP out in all Weathers - Thu, 09/04/2015 Battlefield Rotherham - final push - Thu, 09/04/2015 Nice Try Labour - Shame about the EU though - Wed, 08/04/2015 Battlefield Rotherham – final push - Wed, 08/04/2015 Anjem Choudary - Is he Making Life for our Secret Services Easier? - Wed, 08/04/2015 BNP Fight Back against Labour Criminals - Wed, 08/04/2015 South Wales Activists in Action Again - Wed, 08/04/2015 Inspirational Teamwork in Lincolnshire - Tue, 07/04/2015 BNP Policies - Putting Britons First - Tue, 07/04/2015 The Hypocrisy of the Labour Party - Tue, 07/04/2015 Eastern Region Fundraiser Nets £620 - Tue, 07/04/2015 The No British Elections - Mon, 06/04/2015 A Call to Christians for Support - Mon, 06/04/2015 Let's do Rotherham! - Mon, 06/04/2015 Tories plan to let Muslim terrorists come back - Mon, 06/04/2015 Happy Easter - Sun, 05/04/2015 Bradford Muslim caught with Uzi sub-machine gun - Sat, 04/04/2015 Locals don't want it - yet Council agrees to lease building and land to Muslim group for £1 a year - Sat, 04/04/2015 Bank Robbery Part 5 - Sat, 04/04/2015 Join the BNP at PEGIDA UK Rally in London Tomorrow - Fri, 03/04/2015 The UK descends towards dhimmitude as Muslim Judge decrees how Bible should be interpreted - Fri, 03/04/2015 British National Party announces new Merseyside BNP Branch Leader. - Fri, 03/04/2015 Official Map of Mosques in the UK! - Thu, 02/04/2015 Brits go hungry as India spends on weaponry - Thu, 02/04/2015 Taking the Fight to Labour - Thu, 02/04/2015 Disappearing Jobs and Mass Immigration - Thu, 02/04/2015 Labour - The arrogance towards the British voters - Wed, 01/04/2015 Cllr Richard Perry’s Nemesis’ Suspended - Wed, 01/04/2015 Marine Le Pen's build up of Front Nationale a good plan for the BNP? - Wed, 01/04/2015 Muslim preacher accuses Council of causing anger among Muslim local population - Tue, 31/03/2015 Asylum Seekers to be allowed to work? - Tue, 31/03/2015 BNP to stand against Immigration Minister - Tue, 31/03/2015 Carry On Calais - The illegals are coming - Mon, 30/03/2015 Machete welding Haroon Khan and his get out of jail card - Mon, 30/03/2015 BNP declare WAR on Labour - Mon, 30/03/2015 BNP Policies - Immigration - Mon, 30/03/2015 Bristol Crowd Funding Reconsiders - Sun, 29/03/2015 Holiday Pay Must Include Commission - Sun, 29/03/2015 Online Activism - Are YOU spreading the BNP message online? - Sun, 29/03/2015 Communism - Unions and Labour - Sat, 28/03/2015


Paris Attacks Paris Double Siege Ends in Death of Suspects, New ‘Anti-Semitic’ and ‘Al-Awlaki’ Narratives Emerge The Attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the ‘Kosher Grocery Store’: Israel’s Mossad ‘to the Rescue’?

The Jewish Supremacist Hypocrites behind the Radical Feminists “Femen”
Tue, 09/12/2014


Right on cue, a full narrative was ready for mass consumption. Cui bono, (who benefits) then, with killing Charlie? This is a pro job that happens to take place just a few days after France recognizes Palestinian statehood and just a few days after General Hollande demanded the lifting of sanctions against the Russian “threat”. . . . So this in the heart of Europe is what blowback feels like ... it is what people feel when a wedding party is incinerated by a Hellfire missile. The oh so sophisticated Western intel network had not seen blowback coming and was impotent to prevent it? The Masters of the Universe who pull the real levers of the Empire of Chaos will exploit the post-Charlie environment, be it blowback or false flag.

By Way of Deception Thou Shall Do War - False Flag Warning System Global Threat Level RED - 'ANYONE ELSE THINK THIS HORROR IS JUST TOO CONVENIENT WHEN THE WEST WANTS A WAR WITH RUSSIA?'

David Cameron’s article in The Sunday Times, presenting unfounded allegations against Russia, marks a major escalation in the Ukraine crisis, seeking to pull the EU into a war against Russia – Open letter to Cameron

'The war criminals in Washington and other Western capitals are determined to maintain their lie that the Syrian government used chemical weapons'

The war criminals in Washington seek to target the Syrian government

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Immigration is at a record high
Sun, 27/05/2012
Merry Christmas
Wed, 25/12/2013

LibLabCon - Britain is an immigrant haven thanks to EU membership and LibLabCon’s open borders. A British National Party government would remove the UK from the EU and seal our borders to immigrants from Europe and from the rest of the world.
UKIP - A party whose existence is encouraged by the Establishment. UKIP is not a radical, patriotic alternative to the old parties. It is a BBC sponsored safety valve, a front for big business and the vested interests of City banking sharks.
EDL - The chain of command is there for all to see. The worst corporate war-mongers on the planet fund Frank Gaffney, who pays the ultra-Zionist terrorist sympathisers who operate their EDL and BFP puppets.
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