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Vote BNP The future is going to be about dictatorship and tyranny on a global scale - Fri, 03/07/2015 SNP Minister wants Scotland and Britain to take more asylum seekers - Thu, 02/07/2015 The Establishment has got the referendum well rigged in advance - Thu, 02/07/2015 British National Party Leadership Election - Thu, 02/07/2015 Labour MP and Muslim terrorist groups - Thu, 02/07/2015 The only question is which international crisis will spark economic Armageddon - Thu, 02/07/2015 We cannot win this war with one hand tied behind our back - Wed, 01/07/2015 Outrage at plan to turn hospital chapel into Muslim prayer room - Wed, 01/07/2015 Canadian Immigration Policy: Heading for Disaster - Wed, 01/07/2015 The EU’s treatment of Greece proves that it is an overlord, not an ally - Wed, 01/07/2015 Update - Nuclear Waste Dumping Law Change - March 25th 2015 - Wed, 01/07/2015 Haulage company pulls out of the Calais run over unfair fines - Tue, 30/06/2015 Council leaders warn of impact of fresh Tory cuts - Tue, 30/06/2015 Not one report on the future of our societies as the hordes invade - Tue, 30/06/2015 Branch Secretary appointed for Bromley & Lewisham BNP - Tue, 30/06/2015 Cameron is a laughing stock in Europe - Tue, 30/06/2015 The real face of Germany and the EU will now have to be shown - Mon, 29/06/2015 Greece isn’t going to be able to repair itself, until it exits the EU - Mon, 29/06/2015 We’re losing our own country from right under our feet - Mon, 29/06/2015 The EU are trying to play god by changing Europe beyond all recognition - Mon, 29/06/2015 Of course militants are coming across the border from France - Sun, 28/06/2015 The sacrifice of the indigenous population continues - Sun, 28/06/2015 The Left's Plan to turn our Country into a Third World Hellhole - Adios America! Goodbye Britain - Sun, 28/06/2015 Iain Duncan-Smith - I welcome Foodbanks - Sat, 27/06/2015 This is what Political Correctness gets you - Sat, 27/06/2015 An appeaser is someone who feeds the crocodile in the hope it eats him last - Sat, 27/06/2015 Paying For Our Own Demise: Funding “Multicult” Canada - Sat, 27/06/2015 Britain is on its last legs - Fri, 26/06/2015 The Madness of Equality: Islam and the West - Fri, 26/06/2015 A Letter from Barbados: To Whom It May Concern - Fri, 26/06/2015 Now the borders are open and every chancer from south of the Sahara can walk across - Thu, 25/06/2015 The people of Calais must think war has broken out - Thu, 25/06/2015 It’s ridiculous the UK paying child benefit for children not even living in the country - Thu, 25/06/2015 We live in a Failed State - That is to say it has failed socially - Thu, 25/06/2015 Another example of appalling misgovernment, wasting money and discriminating against British citizens - Thu, 25/06/2015 This is a bank run on the ECB not the Greek National Bank - Wed, 24/06/2015 Canadian PM “Why should Canadians embrace a practice from a culture that is anti-women” - Wed, 24/06/2015 Calling all Ukippers - phone the UKIP-to-BNP Conversion hotline now! - Wed, 24/06/2015 The Foreign Aid budget would be better spent purchasing naval gunboats to patrol the seas - Wed, 24/06/2015 86% Rise in Immigration in First Three Months of 2015 - Wed, 24/06/2015 London BNP: Another Successful Leafleting Session - Wed, 24/06/2015 The UK National Debt is grotesque - Tue, 23/06/2015 England football team is racially divided - apparently - Tue, 23/06/2015 Cameron makes threat to close radical Mosques - Just idle threats? - Tue, 23/06/2015 Culture is more powerful than economics - Tue, 23/06/2015 White people do deplore the deaths of nine black Christians at the hands of a deranged gunman - Mon, 22/06/2015 Great result for the Danish people - Mon, 22/06/2015 Who on earth would want to buy into such a corrupt and inept and negative organisation? - Mon, 22/06/2015 Huge Turn Out at Barnsley Demo - Mon, 22/06/2015 Homeless EU citizens soar - Mon, 22/06/2015 We are reaching the high watermark of left/liberal insanity - Sun, 21/06/2015 Only a fool would ever trust Labour again - Sun, 21/06/2015 Is This The Future Our Children Face? - Sun, 21/06/2015 If you have nothing politically correct to say, it’s better to keep your mouth shut - Sat, 20/06/2015 It is entirely inappropriate to use taxpayer money and resources to make a political case - Sat, 20/06/2015 Mass Immigration crisis as figures increase by a staggering 86% - Sat, 20/06/2015 The whole world must be laughing at this once proud country - Sat, 20/06/2015 How on earth did we ever allow this to happen? - Fri, 19/06/2015 Safest place for Roma to sleep rough in London? Next door to Met Police HQ - Fri, 19/06/2015 Cameron's message to Muslims during Ramadan - Fri, 19/06/2015 They want to smash and destroy everything that makes us proud to be English - Fri, 19/06/2015 Brexit? Bring it on - Thu, 18/06/2015 Don't they understand the word NO? - Thu, 18/06/2015 Prepare for a ‘state of emergency’ in Greece - Thu, 18/06/2015 European Commission pushing for Turkish membership of the EU - Thu, 18/06/2015 Italy is reduced to ‘demanding assistance from the EU' - Thu, 18/06/2015 Trinity Mirror is axing 45 anti-BNP journalists across UK - Wed, 17/06/2015 What was Mrs Obama's aim - to encourage girl's education, praise Islam or both? - Wed, 17/06/2015 London BNP: Bexleyheath Day of Action is Massive Success - Wed, 17/06/2015 Italians threaten to hand Afro-Islamic invaders travel documents - Wed, 17/06/2015 A European army? That can’t be. Clegg said that it was a fantasy - Wed, 17/06/2015 The act of asking the population its view on how the country should be run puts it at risk? - Tue, 16/06/2015 Happy Birthday Enoch Powell - Tue, 16/06/2015 Britain was hardly part of anything ‘European’ before or after Waterloo - Tue, 16/06/2015 Islamist Terror Plots are being foiled EVERY DAY in Britain - Tue, 16/06/2015 Another successful meeting at Bromley & Lewisham BNP - Tue, 16/06/2015 Why is this rat still walking the streets of our country? - Mon, 15/06/2015 The EU is not rescuing these immigrants - It is quite deliberately importing them into the EU - Mon, 15/06/2015 800 Years of Liberty - Mon, 15/06/2015 “We need to recognise that Tower Hamlets is actually quite a magical place!” - Mon, 15/06/2015 Enacting legislation that is knowingly unenforceable is demeaning - Mon, 15/06/2015 Welcome to Britain 2015 - Your chance to be part of history - Sun, 14/06/2015 The appalling media biases has corrupted journalism to the point where fair coverage of any topic is a luxury - Sun, 14/06/2015 Extremism is anything the government decides is extremism - Sun, 14/06/2015 Football and Nationalism in Spain - Sat, 13/06/2015 Islamists hell-bent on killing British people say MI5 - Sat, 13/06/2015 Canada Has Another Residential School System - The CBC Is Its Administrator - Sat, 13/06/2015 The Labour Party is a Trojan horse for the extreme left. - Fri, 12/06/2015 Political Disaster - Fri, 12/06/2015 Just a coincidence? - Fri, 12/06/2015 Tories to punish the working poor yet again - Fri, 12/06/2015 All Totalitarian states tend to have an equivalent of the Race relations Act - Fri, 12/06/2015 The Anti-British agenda of the Marxist teaching authorities - Thu, 11/06/2015 Continental Drift - Thu, 11/06/2015 Anglican Priest From Barbados Joins BNP - Thu, 11/06/2015 Will Boris Johnson lead the out of Europe campaign? - Thu, 11/06/2015 Muslim terrorists arrested for planning church attack in France - Thu, 11/06/2015 We can trade world-wide and with Europe there is nothing to stop us - Wed, 10/06/2015 A Very British Decision - Wed, 10/06/2015 Nigerian doctor in Britain ordered to pay back £100,000 - Wed, 10/06/2015 Machete-wielding migrants threaten the lives of British truckers - Wed, 10/06/2015 London BNP continuing rebuilding with successful day in Romford - Wed, 10/06/2015


Paris Attacks Paris Double Siege Ends in Death of Suspects, New ‘Anti-Semitic’ and ‘Al-Awlaki’ Narratives Emerge The Attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the ‘Kosher Grocery Store’: Israel’s Mossad ‘to the Rescue’?

Paris - Problem Reaction Solution NHS NBM DNR cost cutting policy


Greece Again Can Save The West - Paul Craig Roberts
Wed, 01/07/2015


Right on cue, a full narrative was ready for mass consumption. Cui bono, (who benefits) then, with killing Charlie? This is a pro job that happens to take place just a few days after France recognizes Palestinian statehood and just a few days after General Hollande demanded the lifting of sanctions against the Russian “threat”. . . . So this in the heart of Europe is what blowback feels like ... it is what people feel when a wedding party is incinerated by a Hellfire missile. The oh so sophisticated Western intel network had not seen blowback coming and was impotent to prevent it? The Masters of the Universe who pull the real levers of the Empire of Chaos will exploit the post-Charlie environment, be it blowback or false flag.

By Way of Deception Thou Shall Do War - False Flag Warning System Global Threat Level RED - 'ANYONE ELSE THINK THIS HORROR IS JUST TOO CONVENIENT WHEN THE WEST WANTS A WAR WITH RUSSIA?'

David Cameron’s article in The Sunday Times, presenting unfounded allegations against Russia, marks a major escalation in the Ukraine crisis, seeking to pull the EU into a war against Russia – Open letter to Cameron

'The war criminals in Washington and other Western capitals are determined to maintain their lie that the Syrian government used chemical weapons'

The war criminals in Washington seek to target the Syrian government

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Mon, 10/12/2012
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Sun, 02/02/2014

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