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They Lied About Iraq, They Lied About Libya, They're Lying about Syria Wakey wakey folks

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Patria Leaflet 2015
Dorset Patriot links to sites relevant to Nationalists.

Britain and all countries are slowly being destroyed.
This is happening deliberately and not accidentally.
There are powerful hidden actors driving change.
They want to remove borders and destroy national identity.
They want a world government with them at the top.
World communism and white genocide seem to be the plan.
There is conflicting information out there.
Most of it there to confuse and deceive.
You can see the changes occuring everywhere.
There are too many to list here.
Don't hope for "superman" (((Trump or Putin))) to fix it.
They are in on the deal. They are controlled.

Before discounting all this as "conspiracy nonsense" first do some proper and careful research.
Try to spot when you are being shown biased, filtered results by the likes of google and youtube . . . it happens all the time.
Ideally avoid google, facebook, microsoft windows and all other what amounts to 'surveillance engines'.

Stop trusting the (((mainstream media))).
Propaganda is often truth and lies mixed like tasty poison.

Your TV is being used to brainwash you with propaganda.
(((anti-christian, anti-white, anti-indigenous-british))).
Obvious channels the BBC, ITV etc, not so obvious is RT.

A good name for it . . . "Idiot Lantern" . . . don't watch it.

Think for yourself. Check out THESE websites.

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